Glass Products

 Zone tempered 

Zone tempered glass is made from <float> tempered glass by passed into the special tempered process. But in case of impact, the driver area glass will literally broken into large pieces which is difference from temper glass. The merit of this type is normally made the driver can see outside view.


Car windows are made of tempered glass. This type of glass is harder than float glass because it goes through a heating process and then is quickly cooled. This heating and cooling process created a glass that is up to 10 times harder than standard glass. In case of the impact, temper glass will literally disintegrate into tiny pieces which are safer than jagged large pieces like standard glass.

Show broken temper glass 


Auto glass is laminated safety glass which is made with a thin layer of flexible clear plastic film in between two outer layers of glass. If have an accident, the windshield is cracked but not actually broken due to the plastic film. “The plastic film holds the glass in place and actually stretches during impact”.